Before you study entrepreneurship, you need to know...

How to Learn Entrepreneurship For Success Why Most Entrepreneurship Schools Don't Produce Successful Entepreneurs and What Must You Know So You Become One

According to a latest investigation by Forbes Magazine#, most business schools – particularly universities – have a very poor track record in producing actual entrepreneurs. Almost all planned companies by graduates never start. The few that do, they don’t thrive after one’s studies are over.

Find out why and how to ensure your entrepreneurship studies deliver you the business startup skills you need:

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How are Most Business Schools Structured and What Can You Expect to Learn

The majority of entrepreneurial schools are built on the framework of a ‘traditional business school’ and its curriculum. They’re taught by PhDs with tenures (ensured permanent teaching positions, without any need to deliver results beyond academia), or trainers from either corporate or educational backgrounds.

What does this mean for you and what you will learn? How does this impact your chance of having your business strategy work, once the business plan is complete and the lessons are over? How come?

Discover what you must be on the look out for, as to make the most of your education.

What Must You Become Excellent At, As To Become a Great Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship education is mostly structured to deliver upon simple to measure assessable tasks – which fit neatly into the business theories taught.

They’re thought up at the same level of thinking that existing structures operate at and have little application in innovative new companies. They also attract students that have mastered arguing theories, instead on delivering on ‘street practice’.

The best kind of learning for entrepreneurship has a different focus, and attracts students with a different mindset. If one was seeking results in practice, what should this focus be? What kind of students should you network with and have in your class?

What Skills and Resources Are Necessary to Have Once the Degree You Complete Is Over

Truth be told, most entrepreneurship schools have little vested interest on their students actually launching their business. It’s about getting assessments done and graduating. These requirements are imposed by long-standing educational boards and need to safely deliver on state requirements, with minimal fuss. True innovation is of low priority.

But what would be the best structural setup for a budding entrepreneur, who is serious to become a successful business owner once finished – and not just a prestigious degree ‘paper holder’? What skills do you need to have mastered, for when the learning is complete and you get your business running?